100+ Casino Managers, More New Features Now at BestBitcoinCasino.com

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Yes. We’re getting bigger and better than ever!

Since the Q3 2020 launch of our Manage Casino feature, we now have more than 100 casino managers ready to serve the BestBitcoinCasino.com community. But that’s not all. 

With our commitment to ensure a dynamic and interactive environment for the players and the iGaming business, we’re adding new features to our system. We’re also developing more, and we’re excited to soon bring them all to our community. 

Say Hello to More Bitcoin Casino Managers 

The same month last year, we shared that 25 casino managers have chosen to work with us. A year later, we’re even prouder to announce that over 100 casino managers have now joined BestBitcoinCasino.com. 

Manage Casino

We launched our Manage Casino feature last year with two main goals:

To give casino operators a channel to effectively communicate with our community, introduce new bonuses and promotions, update casino details, and relay special announcements.

To empower players to voice out their comments directly to the casino managers and get the latest bonuses and promotions, newest games, and latest news.

We welcome all casino managers to join as we want nothing but to give players more choices to experience the ultimate Bitcoin gaming experience.

Casino representatives can manage their account on our website by following these easy steps:

Step #1: Create a BestBitcoinCasino.com account for free.

Step #2: On the user dashboard, click the button under Are You a Casino Representative?

Step #3: Select the casino you want to manage.

Step #4: Provide your position in the casino or company.

Step #5: Submit your application and wait for our confirmation.

We advise everyone that all applications go through careful evaluation. Only the qualified and rightful casino representative will be given the special access to all the benefits we offer.

More Casinos Get Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino

In line with these missions, we launched our Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino program for Bitcoin casino operators.

Our program awards the Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino seal to casinos that meet the standards set by our community. 

Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino OG

We now have 19 Bitcoin casinos that have succeeded in meeting all the requirements. We want to remind that casinos must complete the requirements first and get the nod of our community in order for them to receive the seal. 

To know more, read more about Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino program.

New Casino Games Delivered Straight to Players

Earlier in November this year, we introduced our new game provider dashboard as we welcome game providers to bring their top-quality games closer to our community.

We know how much our players enjoy casino games. That’s why we’ve rolled out the red carpet and opened our doors to welcome game providers to our website.

Manage Game Provider Page Benefits

Using our new dashboard, game providers can add their newest and upcoming games to their own page at BestBitcoinCasino.com. They can choose which games to feature on their page and which game to showcase on our homepage, Slots page, and newsletter.

In return, everyone who has joined and subscribed to us will be among the first to know and experience the newest exciting games from various game providers in the industry.

We know you’re as excited as we are that’s why we’ve prepared a Manage Your Game Provider Page guide for all interested game providers.

We’re Growing Bigger and Better, Indeed!

Within a year, we’ve added new features and made some changes to improve the quality of experience and services we give to our community.

Other than the Manage Casino feature, the Rated as Best Bitcoin Casino program, and our freshly introduced Game Provider Dashboard, we also updated how we rate casinos.

We’ve created a comprehensive review process based on our updated casino rating algorithm. We evaluate a casino based on several parameters, namely Trustworthiness, Bonus, Payment Methods, Games & Software, Customer Support, and Licenses. 

But the biggest change is that we’ve given the highest value to Player Rating. We know how important the views and opinions of the players are. And with casino managers on board, we’re actively creating an environment where players can help casinos improve for the better.

We’re also updating our casino reviews. From the page design to user experience, we give you a fresher feel when reading our reviews whether on your computer or on mobile.

But as our mantra goes, we don’t stop there. We have so many plans in development, so many new features already in the pipeline. And we can’t wait for the day that we unveil them all. But trust us that you’ll be the first to know of the latest developments at BestBitcoinCasino.us.

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Author: Wanda Peters