Another Big BetMGM Online Series Gets Underway in Pennsylvania and Michigan

It is barely a month since BetMGM USA entertained their US poker fans from Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The poker series which was held online, featured events in their dozens and a guaranteed prize pool that added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The network does not seem to stop on the poker festivities because it has recently surprised its NJ clientele with a massive Borgata Poker Open tournament. 

Online Poker is among the many activities that people realized that they could engage in for profit during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Without the need to leave the comfort and safety of your home, poker players from one corner of the country can connect to others in the same country or beyond. Betting platforms have since been customized to support live tournaments. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic still actively raging in some locations, it makes sense that most people would choose to stay indoors for a game of poker. The online series now brings together players from different locations without the need for travel. A wave that began in New Jersey as a way of tapping into the vibrant market is now the only viable way of finding poker thrill at one’s comfort. 

With a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000, the New Jersey poker community is the envy of many. The players of MI and PA will at least get a taste of goodwill as the same event finds its way to the two states. After a spectacular launch in September, the poker fans of Michigan and Pennsylvania will now have the series at their doorstep for a while. 

There are ten events that players can participate in regardless of the state that one is playing from. The events vary not only in the type of game but also in the amount required to buy in. It is a good thing that the attention is gradually shifting from New Jersey as the most vibrant gambling destination in the US after Nevada. PA and MI state administration now have an opportunity to grow their sector to the level of NJ and even better because they have a benchmark of what a good betting environment should look like. 


Online Poker Series in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania version of the BetMGM online poker series was flagged off in the state in mid-September 2021, opening the stage for all poker lovers in PA to take part in the tournament. The action began with the running of the $20 Mini NLH tournament and the classic 8-max table structure taking place simultaneously. The offer on the table was guaranteed for both events; $5k and $35k respectively. 

The series is expected to go on with fans enjoying a variety of wins from the PLO and NHL tournaments. The wide range in buy-in prices is the greatest advantage for those wishing to try their luck at winning a chunk of the guaranteed prices. With a low of $109 and a high of $1.060, every caliber of player is worth a spot on the events lineup. By the end of the series in PA, at least $210,000 will have been won in accumulated prizes. 


Online Poker Series in Michigan

Just like the poker players in PA, the Michigan community will also be treated to the same level of thrill. The launch of the Michigan chapter comprises a set of ten events with the introductory event costing players $215 to contest for a guaranteed prize award of $40k. There will be an event which players will be exposed to quite early in the tournament that will cost players a mere $20; to battle out for a guaranteed cash price of $10k. 

Both of these events took place on the same day but the tournament went on for an entire week. Some of the game options that were offered in the schedule include a $1.060 High Roller event with a price guarantee of $50k, a PLO event and a pair of progressive knockout tournaments. 

Similar to the program used in Pennsylvania, the series in Michigan will comprise of ten poker events taking place over a period of seven days. Although all the games are the same, the total guaranteed prize award will be higher for the winners from the Michigan series. By the time the series comes to an end, the organizers will have paid out a minimum of $245,000 in cash prizes.

The size of your wallet does not play a role in deciding whether to take part in the tournament or not; buy-ins are as low as $20 but they can also be as high as $1060. This diverse range speaks of the flexibility on which the entire tournament has been built. MI and PA poker players will have tons of money to contest for and the hope to win lies in the fact that all the guarantees must be honored. 

Although BetMGM operates a vibrant betting business in the state of New Jersey, the event will not take place in the Garden Estate in the upcoming season. For now, the poker fans of PA and MI can take advantage of the special treatment and have a field day on the online poker arena. 


Final Thoughts

It is about time that other US states borrowed a leaf from the NJ legislature that has streamlined the gambling industry to a fault. PA and MI appear to have gotten into the rhythm but it will be sometime before their actions start to bear any positive fruits. As long as the poker gospel continues to spread throughout online casinos, there will always be a tournament to look forward to.

Author: Wanda Peters