BetMGM and Partners Take Online Poker Top Spot in New Jersey

The online poker scene is transforming really quick and with it the emergence of new gaming providers that have now been exclusively offering the game. It is not a surprise that poker grew over the past one year when a lot of people felt the burden of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Amid an awkward health crisis whose major control measure was keeping indoors, most people had to find alternative activities to fill their day. Most of those who found solace in the internet discovered poker but it was not about trial and error as had been misconstrued for so many years before. Those who took advantage of the free time on their hands to learn the rules of poker are some of the new age poker players today. 

This rise in poker awareness is what led to the need for poker players to come together regularly to flex their strategy against one another. BetMGM and its partner casinos have significantly increased their market share by organizing regular online poker tournaments. The greatest advantage of these events is that they are online so people log in from wherever they are to compete against each other. 

It is important to note however, that even online betting platforms are licensed for operation under physical land regulations. The poker tournaments by BetMGM and its partners for instance are available to New Jersey residents and a few other states where the operators have been granted an operating license. 

Everybody in the gambling sector already knows about the new revenue record that the gambling space in NJ has managed to achieve. Of the casinos that have contributed to the good records so fat achieved in the Garden State is BetMGM and other operators that offer casino services under the license issued to Borgata Casino. 

When these three casinos; PartyPoker, Borgata and BetMGM casinos are compared against veteran organizations such as Ocean Resorts and Caesars, the trio maintains leads by a very huge margin. There could be many reasons for the excellent performance posted by BetMGM and its partners but the most obvious is a genuine interest for customer welfare. 


Why are players suddenly paying attention to what BetMGM and its partners are doing?

BetMGM has been in the front line as far as onboarding of brand ambassadors is concerned. The brand has signed up former sports superstars to not only break down the poker strategy but also encourage players to sharpen their knowledge of the game. According to data provided by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the three online casinos operating under the banner of the Borgata casino license collectively raked in more than $1 million in the month of September alone. 

The other major attraction is the commitment to promote safe gambling among all types of players on the poker platforms. Like all other forms of gambling, poker can become addictive setting one on the path to self-destruction. BetMGM has a vibrant problem gambling campaign that is meant to educate players and provide support to those who have already fallen victim to gambling addiction. 


A turnaround that everybody wants to be a part of

Considering the fact that Borgata has allowed its New Jersey license to be used by two other casino establishments, it makes sense that all parties involved would work together to grow the collaboration. This is quite an impressive turn-around for the Borgata casino brand; the rivalry between Borgata Resorts and Caesars that has existed since 2016 has finally been toppled. Borgata is no longer the third wheel in this balance but the leader of the part when it comes to growth potential and revenue. 

Looking closely at the events of the last five years or so, it is safe to say that Borgata changed with the times and survived while Caesars and Resorts stuck to the old systems and lagged behind. The story changed for Borgata when the casino embraced poker and marketed it to their clientele as a game around which tournament could be organized. 

This change of strategy was then propagated within a jurisdiction that was hungry for gambling growth having just received regulations for its new betting laws. Although news of the performance of the three BetMGM affiliated companies outside the state of New Jersey is not highlighted, it does not in any way reflect on the nature of their performance. 

In comparison to the month of august, the three gambling sites which are part of the partypoker US network made 28% more revenue. Quite an admirable achievement, the 2021 September performance was 31% more than what was achieved in the same month of 2020. Not many gambling operators can achieve this so it is a performance that many casinos can use to benchmark their own operations. 

The September success of casinos operating under the Borgata casino license was on a large extent assisted by the WPT Borgata Poker Open Main Event. This is a prestigious tournament that the casino organizes on an annual basis. Although the guaranteed prize pool for the event barely hit the $1 million mark, it managed to attract a high number of players over the three days duration.


Final Thoughts

It is a fact that New Jersey is a vibrant gambling market where any serious operator is bound to thrive. While the approval bodies do not lock out any potential investors, the licensing process has been streamlined to discourage trial and error operations. BetMGM is among the many companies that are using a shared license; this is not done in a straightforward manner because interested parties must sign an agreement committing to support each other to grow in the market.

The association between PartyPoker, BetMGM and Borgata is seemingly worthwhile because all involved have now topped the revenue charts in the state. It is quite clear that coming together to use a common license of business is benefitting all of them.

Author: Wanda Peters