Forum Closes. Is Games Next?

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The forum is abruptly closing its doors on July 23, 2020, causing many to wonder about the reasons behind this and if Games will suffer the same fate.

Many are left scratching their heads after news broke out that Forum, one of the popular forums catering to the cryptocurrency community, is closing down in less than a month.

The forum’s administrator shared the unfortunate news in a thread posted on June 24, stating:

“IMPORTANT NOTICE! The Forum is closing on July 23rd 2020. Thank you for using”

The admin’s post, however, gave only few details about the said closure, and did not reveal the reasons that had forced the team to pull the plug.

As a result, the crypto community—especially the forum members—are left uncertain of what the fate of the forum will be after July 23. Keep in mind the forum closure has nothing to do with the casino games operations and the fact that this is one of the most growing casinos in the crypto market. Players are aware that the domain is not an authority or something, but a way to attract new players to enjoy this great crypto casino.

This forum operates under the, which functions as one of today’s largest online portals for everything related to the cryptocurrency world. Known Bitcoin investor Roger Ver is the CEO of, whose services extend to currency exchange and even Bitcoin casinos.

With no reasons given yet, it begs the question whether or not’s other services will also close down. And as for the crypto gaming community, many ask if Games and its BCH version will close down next.

What Will Be the Fate of’s Casinos?

At the time of writing, both Games and Cash Games are smoothly operating.

Advertised as a simple and fun way to win BTC and BCH, these two casinos offer a variety of online slots, table games, jackpot games, and live casino games—most of which are from BGaming. The casinos also feature proprietary titles, expanding their selection of provably fair games. Games Games and Cash Games have come a long way, as has an interesting journey when it ventured into the Bitcoin casino industry. Following the brand’s launch, it introduced Casino. But this new product was discontinued not long after and was replaced with Free Crypto Games, which is a reskinned version of Bitcoin Video Casino. This is not the only operator to offer free games, which are based on the crypto technology. most of the operators today already aware of the growing and fast developing blockchain market and therefore working to obtain the legal framework to operate well in the market. Among the different free bitcoin and crypto games you can find slots, live dealers, roulette games, blackjack and more – all in one platform where you can actually place the bet with crypto currency

Then fast forward to the present, now proudly operates two similar Bitcoin casinos, one for Bitcoin players and the other for Bitcoin Cash players. But whether or not the closure of Forum will badly impact the future of Games and Cash Games remains a question.

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Author: Wanda Peters