Evolution Launches Live Online Casino Studio in New Jersey for Penn National

The bettors of New Jersey have yet again been granted first priority as far as launching a new gambling product is concerned. A live online casino whose operations will be dedicated to online users has been unveiled by Evolution. The creation has however been done on behalf of Penn Interactive who will be running the platform under their NJ license. 

New Jersey is a great market for setting up a gambling business and the many investors who are aware of this have already set up shop. The greatest attraction other than a receptive customer base is the investor-friendly relations and ease of approval. For many people who would rather be in a brick and mortar regardless of the public health situation, New Jersey offers a wide selection of compliant establishments.

When you launch the gaming site on your browser, the name to look out for or search is `Barstool Sportsbook & Casino.‘ This betting studio will be embedded within the casino’s live production for the players of the Garden State to enjoy. This is not the first time that the Barstool product has been publicized around the US – the sportsbook is live in Pennsylvania as well as Michigan. 

With the demand for live dealer casino products on the rise due to Covid-19 containment measures, platform developers and casino operators are coming up with relevant products to match the times. This live casino product from Evolution is the developer’s latest effort at expanding the Barstool product on behalf of Penn Interactive. 

According to the Commercial Director of the North American Markets for Evolution, Jeff Millar, there are a lot of projects that they will collaborate on with Penn Interactive for the benefit of customers. Millar also points out the fact that his team is happy with the degree of friendship shared with Penn Interactive. 

Millar looks back at the process that was necessary for the duo to go through so as to deliver a product as worthwhile as Barstool. He mentions that the live casino studio offering is their original idea which they customized to align to the brand. In the future, the head of North American operations hopes that Evolution will roll out a blend of slots and live dealer games to propel the industry forward. 

Slot games are an important component of any online based gambling site. What do customers do when the sports season is off and they still want to try their luck at making real money? Fans of slot games by NetEnt will be pleased to know that they can play their favorite titles on Barstool Sportsbook & Casino whether they are in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

By the time 2021 comes to an end, the West Virginia market will have already received their own chapter of the Barstool sportsbook. The launch will happen as soon as the betting operator receives all the necessary state approvals required for running a business of that kind. Red Tiger slots from Evolution have already been lined up in readiness for the end of year launch in West Virginia. This is a pretty new title that new customers will be treated to once the regulatory approvals have been issued. 

At the beginning of this week, the company affirmed its position in the US market by getting into a business partnership with Betway. The agreement is supposed to open doors for Evolution products to reach the market without the developer having to apply for their own operating licenses. Betway was particularly interested in using the online Live Casino and `First Person’ RNG-based casino games by Evolution in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey markets. 

It is interesting to see how various industry players are aware of their value in the market. According to the head of Penn Interactive, Jon Kaplowitz, the decision to work with Evolution was influenced to a great extent by the developers past performance. There is an able team working behind the scenes at evolution and the quality of casino products they unveil for the online market makes them a valuable partner. 

Penn Interactive has always marketed its business as a statement of its commitment to customers for thrill and enhanced customer experience. Kaplowitz reveals that the reason why Evolution is such a great match for Penn Interactive is their proven ability to meet expectations and maintain excellent team spirit while at it. 

The gambling market ideally requires an operator to wittily deliver products that will stir the market for a while before the next one arrives. This is the quality that the management of Penn Interactive must have identified in Evolution and stuck with them even to the point where they now have a revolutionary product. There is no argument about the fact that sportsbooks are being unveiled all the time by different betting providers. 

Kaplowitz admits that part of the reason his company is excited about the creation and unveiling of a custom Barstool-branded studio is because the brand has been granted direct access to the talent that the developer has to offer. For the customer who is always seeking a fresh source of gambling thrill, this product is definitely worth giving a try because it has been crafted by some of the top talent in the industry. 


Final Thoughts

The people of New Jersey have yet again been honored by being the first jurisdiction in the US to get a feel of the custom Barstool-branded studio. The competition is watching and new releases are bound to start happening anytime from now. In the meantime, Evolution has made a point of addressing the fact that many people now prefer to engage in betting from the comfort of their own homes. This is proven by the high revenue collected from online betting platforms versus the traditional brick and mortar casino establishments.

In the comfort of one’s own privacy it is still important to exercise responsible gaming and it will be interesting to find out what Evolution Gaming has as a solution for this.

Author: Wanda Peters