Flutter Names Amy Howe Chief Executive Officer of FanDuel

FanDuel has appointed Amy Howe to serve in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer. Amy who has been the acting CEO since July will now steer the betting brand from the top. It is obvious that her performance since July has been impressive and that is why Flutter Entertainment Group decided to retain her. 

Howe began working for FanDuel in February 2021 when she was given the role of company president; her main focus was daily fantasy sports, racing and sports book casino businesses. This sudden switch in roles is an exciting turn of events for Howe who has already expressed that she was pleased with her new role. 

Her appointment as the captain of the FanDuel vessel comes at a time when the gambling industry as a whole is experiencing some exciting transformation. According to Howe, her appointment to the business brings her closer to a team that is evidently committed to the brand. The FanDuel brand is already far ahead of the competition as far as product quality, branch reach, and expertise is concerned. 

Although Howe admits that the FanDuel team has so many good things working in favor of their business, she is also quick to point out that complacency has no room in the business. The focus of the entire management team should be developing a long-term business strategy that will help the business to build on their brand values. 

Howe recognizes that there is already a working team that holds up the FanDuel business and she will be joining in. She has reiterated her commitment to FanDuel’s success and this means being in good working relations with the other employees. 

Her new role as the CEO of FanDuel has been prepared by a vast working experience in the service sector and specifically gaming industry. She has been Global Chief Operating Officer at Ticketmaster, a role in which she was quite successful because she brought about transformation and modernization of the entire company’s ticketing system. This was a complete overhaul of systems but she was unaltered by the dirty work involved in laying down new frameworks that would make work easier in the long run. 

By the time she was leaving Ticketmaster, Amy had been instrumental in growing the company’s gross ticketing value by double what she had found and the customer base on the brand’s app had increased by an impressive 400%. Her longest career years were however spent working for McKinsey & Company where she served as partner for a total of 15 years. 

Her role in McKinsey & Company revolved around consultation for various clients spread over the entertainment, media as well as consumer and retail sectors. She was and is still an expert on strategic growth plans, operational excellence, organizational transformation and brand restructuring. These are skills she has sharpened throughout her appointments in the service industry which she joined right after her college studies. 

Her academic credentials are a product of Cornell University where she undertook undergraduate studies and Wharton Business School where she attended her MBA studies. For Amy, attending school only played the role of streamlining her ability to influence change from the top through advocacy and consultancy. 

According to the media release that the Flutter Group had prepared to announce the appointment of a new CEO, the Group Chief Executive Officer, Peter Jackson expressed delight at having Amy join the team. She will be in charge of the US operation and the management was confident that her appointment was going to bring positive change to the entire brand. Even without announcing that she will be at the helm, Jackson is confident that her resourcefulness will be felt throughout the FanDuel brand. 

He commended her for the results that the commercial division of FanDuel had already begun to report barely 7 months into her joining the company. FanDuel is at a critical phase of expansion and a witty leader is the basic requirement in ensuring that the alignments being pursued right now influence positive change for the company as they head into the future. 

Expanding further into newer markets in the United States continues to be the goal of Flutter at this stage in the company’s growth. With Amy at the helm of leadership and bearing in mind that she leaves behind her a track record of excellence, Jackson is optimistic that her input is going to be invaluable. He is hopeful that she will edge forward into the market and claim a solid position for FanDuel in the digital business scale. 


Launching in Connecticut

The latest US market that FanDuel has joined is Connecticut where the brand will be offering gambling enthusiasts retail operations. The state office has since begun taking bets but the first ever bet for that operation was placed by the sitting Governor, Ned Lamont. This first bet of the state for FanDuel was made on the sportsbook to cover the spread of the Connecticut sun versus the Chicago Sky for $50.

The players of Connecticut registered on the FanDuel betting platform will also have a mobile phone presence in the not so distant future. The groundwork has already been laid and the launch of the Connecticut online sports betting platform will soon be unveiled. As a matter of fact, the platform will most likely be up and running before the end of October 2021. 

FanDuel has already grabbed one of the only 3 betting skins available in Connecticut; the other two have been earned by Rush Street Interactive and DraftKings. If you are far from Connecticut but closer to Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan and New Jersey, you still have plenty of options to bet on through the FanDuel sportsbooks already established in those jurisdictions. 


Final Thoughts

The first FanDuel sportsbook was unveiled in New Jersey in 2018 and since then, the company has been jumping at every opportunity to expand. Amy is expected to bring new ideas and hopefully facilitate further scaling of the brand. 

Author: Wanda Peters