GeoComply’s IDComply Now Fully Licensed in New Jersey with Amelco and PlayUp

New Jersey is a big market and so far has accommodated many companies in the gambling domain. This includes industry support entities such as GeoComply whose mandate is to ensure that companies only conduct business within jurisdictions where they have been licensed. This is why established betting companies will restrict access or play to certain people depending on where they are launching the platform from. 

GeoComply Solutions Inc now has a new KYC solution that has been specifically designed for the igaming sector. The product which goes by the name IDComply, is now available for use to the businesses operating gambling entities in New Jersey. Some of the early adopters of this solution are PlayUp and Amelco that already have active NJ operations. 

The IDComply solution is supposed to help gambling operators acting in the online space to verify the identity and age of the customers. The relationship between Amelco and PlayUp is based on the fact that Amelco will be using PlayUp’s online gambling platform as part of its operations. IDComply will therefore be supporting Amelco to establish geolocation compliance on its partner platform. 

Having met all the necessary requirements to acquire an operating license to business in NJ, the KYC solutions offered by IDComply is up to international standards. For an operator who has partnered with IDComply, the benefit is that they get to enjoy all features that are on the KYC solution. In addition to that, they will have their players screened before they can be granted access to create accounts on supported platforms. 

To players who are axed out by the KYC system, the process is fast and ensures low friction. Such players are made aware from the start that they are not allowed access to the site and a reason to support that action is also provided. 

For the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the only way they can grant a KYC solution license is if there is enough data to support its authenticity. This can be done through digital identity authentication or knowledge-based authentication (KBA) as a standard measure before validation of an account. 

IDComply has been structured in a way in which both of these modes of authentication are applied as a means for screening players. By optimizing the player’s user experience, unauthorized players are dropped from the platform softly while genuine entries are able to easily and quickly pass through. 

According to the CEO of PlayUp, Dr Laila Mintas, the company is operating in a technology fast lane and they are always looking for ways to offer technical support in an unparalleled manner. Speaking on the subject of seeking approval to operate in New Jersey, Mintas is keen on the need for any company operating at their level to first get the necessary licenses before approaching relevant beneficiaries. 

The partners of PlayUp who are responsible for their technology platform must work in collaboration with other players in the market whose mandate is to ensure that such a platform is not used against what the company intended. 

New Jersey continues to be a hard nut to crack in terms of the stringent measures that have been put in place for gambling operators to meet before they can be granted a working license. It is therefore quite a milestone for PlayUp to have passed the rigorous testing because they are now at the center of gambling action in the United States. NJ is just the beginning and offers the management hopes that the other markets they hope to get into will provide an easier ride through. 

The progress so far seen in PlayUp’s business progression since GeoComply started to work with the brand is directly related to the adoption of geolocation and KYC solutions. This is further enhanced by the fact that the support team at GeoComply is highly trained and bears vast experience in the location and identity compliance field. 


How the IDComply idea came to be

When the average internet user launches a gambling site, they are likely going to pause through the login process to verify their identity, age and location.  For a long time this process had been divided such that different windows had to pop up for the various verification stages. IDComply was born out of requests made by the customer to have all these passes integrated. 

While the geolocation tool allowed online casinos to block players outside their jurisdiction, it was still a burden for those who still had to verify their other details because they were within the acceptable operation scope. Integrating personal data and location data into a single tool and managing this process from a single API has to a large extent streamlined casino operations. 

The MD of Gaming at GeoComply, Lindsay Slader is very excited about the role that the brand is playing in growing the gambling industry. The geolocation and KYC compliance solutions are crucial tools for any forward conscious organization. Slader is pleased to be in the management of GeoComply at a time when the company is playing a critical role of helping other operators run their trade without hitches. 

She recognizes the fact that getting an operating license to conduct business in New Jersey is quite hard but again congratulates her team for meeting all requirements as stipulated by the DGE. This is the first achievement for GeoComply; the second is being at the center of an industry where integrity and success determine the nature of operations. 



Running a betting company in the US or any other jurisdiction around the world requires extreme caution. Operators not only need to verify that their customers are of legal gambling age but they must also protect their identity. Achieving this requires collaboration with software development companies who offer relevant software for compliance. The current growth in the New Jersey market does not only involve betting operators; a large number of supporting brands are coming too to complete this vibrant gambling landscape. 

Author: Wanda Peters