GGPoker Announces Return of Good Game Series of Poker

2021 is barely over but the poker series that has already happened speaks much of the freedom that has been realized after the rampage of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has only been a few weeks since the WSOP was concluded and now poker players have already started getting ready for the Good Game Series of Poker. This is a poker series hosted by the GG Poker brand; the kickoff of the 2021 GGSOP will mark the second edition of this tournament. 

The GGPoker event has been reported as low budget compared to similar events of the same caliber. With the event coming back to thrill online poker players in 2021, the organizers are promising players game quality as experienced in the WSOP. The emphasis on affordability is supposed to pull in players who due to budget constraints would rather keep out of such events. 

The action of the 2021 GGSOP will be happening for a period of 16 days which will be covered by the last week of October and first week of November. Although the tournament will run continuously over this period, some New Jersey players have had the opportunity to showcase their poker prowess from mid-October. The series has been designed with those on the low bankroll spectrum in mind because most of the events will cost $50 or less.

Even though the budget of the current GGSOP has been significantly slashed, there is close resemblance to the preceding series championship organized by GGPoker. The tournament will have a total of 4 events which will be played over a period of 15 days. The organizers have factored in the reality that most people are still facing financial constraints brought about by Covid-19 and so might not afford to spend much in way of buy-ins; the cheapest buy-in for this tournament will cost $2.50.

This is exactly how the inaugural series was structured; the only difference is that the guaranteed prize pool for this current tournament is $750,000 more than the first pool. This is a reflection of the confidence that the operator holds on the success that they have already enjoyed with the last season. It is easy to tell the mood surrounding the planning of the GGPoker poker series from the amount of planning that is going into making it a success. 

According to the Head of Public Relations for the GGPoker brand, Paul Burke, GGSOP has been catered to all types of poker players. The buy-in range is affordable and the organizers have included a large number of exciting events to choose from. Even if a player decides to take part in all of them, they will still find the cumulative buy-in quite affordable compared to what poker tournaments ordinarily offer. 

Burke is optimistic that the range of cash prizes that has been laid out bare for players will play a big role in encouraging poker players to flex their expertise against others in the same field. A large number of players will be rewarded from the prize pool so it is worth taking the chance at the tables. 


What about GGPoker?

GGPoker is a veteran gambling brand that not only has land based casino outlets but also internet based platforms that cater to its expansive betting clientele. With this current tournament, the brand is out to replicate the feel and thrill of the WSOP. As a matter of fact, the management of GGPoker has already coined a WSOP related title to describe their new series; “The WSOP Online experience tailored for the low stakes player.”

Mirroring of the WSOP started with the debut version of the GGSOP but with a focus on toning down the budget. In line with this, the current schedule includes multiple WSOP favorite games with the only variation being the budget. The itinerary will look familiar to a player who has in the recent past taken part in the WSOP; Colossus, Plossus and the Return events. 

Some of the other popular games which online poker players will find hard to resist are the Millionaire Maker Jr, with contradictory prize guarantee of $250,000 and the $25 FLIP Ladies Event with a prize guarantee of $100k. Ambitious poker enthusiasts will gravitate towards the three $50 GGSOP MILLION$ tournaments, each of which has a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million. 


More on offer for players of the 2021 GGSOP

The $50 purchase point was an encouraging point for those who have a low betting expenditure budget which they are eager to stick to. For those who can afford more than this, the organizers of the 2021 GGSOP have slotted in two events that players will buy in with $150. The GG Masters have a guaranteed prize of $500,000 so the high investment is worth it for a player who wants to take a shot at the big bucks. The other event is known as the ¥388 (equivalent to $60) NLH Asia Championship whose guaranteed prize payout is ¥500,000 (equivalent to about $78,000).

There is more to the single stand-alone events because GGPoker has a leaderboard competition which will be running over the entire length of the series. The structure of this promotion is that the 100 players of the entire event will be ranked and a sum of $100,000 shared amongst them. While there is not much in the way of details that the organizers have shared concerning the event, GGPoker promises to publish information on its website soon. 



For poker players in New Jersey, this is yet another opportunity to earn a spot among the champions of the game. The dates have already been set and the only requirement is to be there for the action. The platform has already been opened for early bird ticket buyers to buy-in and book their slots. As promised, it is going to be as thrilling as the WSOP only better on the pocket because of the slashed entry charges. 

Author: Wanda Peters