GGPoker Makes a Splash, Signs Jason Koon as Newest Ambassador

Based on the performance of GGPoker over the last few years, there is no doubt that the betting provider is the envy of many upcoming players. Their roster was already impressive because among the popular names were Fedor Holz and Daniel Negreanu; they have now decided to sign Jason Koon. 

GGPoker operates an online platform and they made the latest addition to their brand ambassador list public through the Rio 2021 World Series of Poker. The poker world is not new to Koon as he features among the top players in the world. So far the player has pocketed $32.5 million from live poker tournaments he has participated in throughout his career. 

His achievements place him at 10th position ranked according to the amount of money that a player has managed to scoop. Before his latest stint at GGPoker, the poker genius who hails from West Virginia had been a PartyPoker brand ambassador. He has had a couple of months break since he moved from PartyPoker to his new assignment with GGPoker. 

Coincidentally, Koon was participating in the New Jersey WSOP event as a contestant when the announcement was made. With his attendance already confirmed for the WSOP host venue, the player had registered for event #6, a High Roller No-Limit Hold’em of $25,000. Come day two of the event and Koon was among the players with the smallest stack of cards out of the 54 that had made it that far. 

One of the things which he did during his break at the Rio WSOP series was speaking to Lara Neacy, a journalist from PokerNews. It is clear from the interview that Koon is passionate about poker games integrity and site security.

As a representative of GGPoker, Koon put on a strong show on behalf of the company; this was received well throughout the industry because there has not been worthy competition for PokerStars in a very long time. GGPoker can now look forward to serious traffic as high stake crushers make a mad rush to be part of the action. If the presence of Koon among GGPoker brand ambassadors is going to be of benefit to the online betting provider, it will most likely be in the power to draw in the same level of poker expertise. 

Koon not only drags in star power into GGPoker but also influences the game integrity due to his many years in the industry. This is a great asset for promoting responsible gaming among players; they are likely to listen to someone who has been in the industry a long time and has massive success to show for it. 

Being an expert in poker is not enough and for Koon, the extra punch is in his study of AI as he revealed to the media. According to reports captured by PokerNews, Koon has spent the last 6 years acquiring and sharpening this skill. 

Even before GGPoker had thought about bringing Koon on board, the betting platform had invested a lot in ensuring that their gaming software was secure and safe. The countless hours spent behind the scene will now be reinforced by the effort that Koon is bringing with him. This is GGPoker’s way of ensuring that the brand connects to its customers at their own level. 

Ethics is an important subject in the gambling industry and for a long time people shied away because of gambling generally lacks ethics. Koon is a demonstration of ethical play and a testimony of the fact that a player does not have to indulge in dirty games to win. His new role at GGPoker will involve influencing and empowering poker players on maintaining a good ethical record when playing on online poker sites

The director of sponsorships and live events at GGPoker, John Scanlon, has commented on the latest sign up by mentioning just how important brand ambassadors are to the overall platform management team. Brand ambassadors are held with high regard because they are the individuals whose popularity keeps the brand on top of the charts. 

Jason was selected to join these ranks due to his general reputation and the fact that he handles himself professionally even in his personal space. It will be an honor for the management of GGPoker to work alongside this poker legend because of the direction and advice he is anticipated to produce. By bringing on board an active poker player, GGPoker has managed to bring into the inner circle, the most important component of their business; the customer. 

Apart from Koon, other reputable poker players on GGPoker payroll are Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Dan Bilzerian Fedor Holz, and Daniel Negreanu. When the media asked Negreanu to comment about the appointment of Koon to the same rank as that of his service, the poker legend had lots of praise for his teammate. 

Negreanu describes the unique offerings of GGPoker and cites robust stakes community control as one of the brand’s greatest assets. Jason comes into the picture to represent the largest population of players that have been signed up to the platform. Negreanu is of the opinion that Koon is aware of what is happening with the company in terms of strategy. With his spotless reputation, this latest poker player addition is going to add a security element and form a bridge for those on the high roll to draw closer to the poker action



Negreanu is pleased to have Jason on the team and is hopeful that he is going to pull in a customer base that he would not be able to appeal to. Each of the current five brand ambassadors that have been signed by GGPoker have a special role to play – only time will tell if they live up to their employer’s expectations. In the meantime, the best they can do is honor their JD and continue to play professional poker. There are definitely going to be casino rewards attached to each of the five GGPoker brand ambassadors but time will tell.

Author: Wanda Peters