Grand Prix KO Series Returns to Partypoker

This week saw a new champion crowned as the winner of this season’s WPT World Online Championships. The event which was hosted at partypoker came to an end with the win of Rok Gostisa. A highly prestigious main event that had a buy-in of $5,300, Gostisa was the envy of many finalists as he walked away with a cash prize of $959,493. 

The dust has obviously not settled in the PartyPoker platform and yet the betting services provider has already announced the start of the Grand Prix KO Series. Since it will be impossible for the WPT organizers to hold a poker tour in NJ as is the tradition, the alternative will be the Grand Prix KO Series. With the Covid-19 pandemic still hitting hard in some parts of the world, this really is the best alternative to the physical tour. 

The event which is scheduled to start during the last week of September 2021 is expected to run well into the month of October. Each of the 16 events which have been lined up for the tournament is of the progressive knockout (PKO) format. The PKO poker games are quite popular among players because they are a handsome money earner even for players who do not finish at the top of the table. 

With a buy in range of $5.50 to $530, the organizers have opened the tournament to players of every financial class. Depending on how much money a player is willing to spare to pay for entry into the championship, there is a bracket that accommodates them. Skill level at the Grand Prix KO need not shake up a player’s confidence because the experience itself is a win. 

As one would imagine of a tour, the WPT typically transverses multiple countries and regions in a season but that will not happen this time. Although this is not going to happen with the current season, players will still feel as though the caravan arrived where they are thanks to the power of online connectivity. 

This is in essence the main reason for the different time zones applied for the scheduled events. Players from various corners in the world will be able to conveniently sign up for the online event if they wish to test their poker prowess on a global arena. 


Highlights of the Grand Prix KO Series

For a fact, the highlight of the online Grand Prix KO festival is the main event. More than 24 starting flights will be featured on the schedule each of which will cost poker players an average of $109 for entry. The focus for each of the participants is what they stand to gain should they qualify for a token from the guaranteed prize pool of $500,000.

The NJ poker players who will make it to the main event, will each be awarded with 100,000 chips before the eight minutes clock begins to tick. There is no excuse for missing the entire event because the organizers have allowed for late registration. This will however only be open for 12 levels and the players are at liberty to rejoin the tournament once in each flight. 

On day one the action will be concluded when the field is down to 15% although some pruning will still happen come the second day. On day 2, the top 15% will settle in for a day of thrill with the end focus being to receive a min-cash award on top of the small bounties they will have received along the course of the event. 

The last edition of the Grand Prix KO Series Main Event saw the crowning of Sasa Lukovic as the champion of the tournament. Lukovic was able to clinch this prize because he outlasted the 5,406 contestants who had attempted the main event together with him. By the time he stood up from the table, his bankroll had increased by a score of $50,159. 

Starting low is the secret to spending less on your entry ticket to the Grand Prix KO Series main event. If you share this opinion, the $2.20 satellites might just do the magic. A satellite of this event that goes for that low feeds into a higher caliber event that has a buy in of $16.50. The next level after this event is the change to win a ticket worth $109. 

There is a set of four events in the Grand Prix which have a 6-figures guaranteed prize pool each. For a ticket worth $55, players stand to win at least $250,000 in the 6-Max event. The Grand Prix mini main event that costs $11 has a cash prize of $100,000 guaranteed as win money for players. The last two events, the 6-Max High Roller and the High Roller, each cost players a buy-in of $530 for an opportunity to bag $500,000. 


Joining the PartyPoker win train

If you do not have a PartyPoker player account or have previously had no reason to have one, the Grand Prix is your best excuse. To sign up for an account here, simply launch PokerNews and download the PartyPoker platform from there. 

The next step is to fill in the required details of your free account and choose a value of the amount of money you want to deposit as the initial transfer. Based on the amount of money you deposit, your account will be automatically subjected to a two tier bonus scheme; for $10 deposited into your account, you get free spins worth $10. 

The freebies do not end there because the platform further matches up the value of the first deposit in awarding a cash bonus that does not exceed $600. Players are encouraged to accumulate loyalty points that are equal to four times the amount of deposit bonus earned. Every time the player accumulates 10% of the total value of loyalty points targeted, the bonus is released into your account in increments of 10%.

Author: Wanda Peters