Hard Rock Digital and Genius Sports Ink Official Sports Data Partnership

The wave of partnerships in the gambling industry is the latest business strategy for those that want to bounce back after a difficult Covid-19 year. New to this wave is the news that Genius Sport had signed an agreement with Hard Rock Digital. The nature of the partnership is centered on data and Hard Rock is required to make use of official sports data in addition to sportsbook solutions offered by Genius Sports. 

Being the software development unit of this partnership, the agreement clearly stipulates that Genius will provide Hard Rock with the retention, engagement and sports data services needed to create an impact in the market. The announcement was made a week ago by Genius Sports, in which the provider commits to offering the market its world-class sportsbook solution through the Hard Rock internet gaming platform in New Jersey

In a document that clearly outlines what each party’s role is, Genius is willing to offer tools to Hard Rock that will enable the betting operator to acquire new customers and retain those that are already there. Genius will be sharing exclusive data that has been collected from thousands of annual events to help in shaping the course of fan engagement efforts. 

According to the details of the partnership, Hard Rock is going to leverage its operations on solutions that Genius has prepared over time. Every one of these already made solutions is going to significantly increase the gambling operator’s ranking in the market. A solution that is bound to bear instant fruits is access to Genius Sports’ NASCAR officials in racing and data driven betting markets. 

Apart from the prestigious NASCAR, the partnership also allows Hard Rock to leverage NFL products developed by Genius Sports and which provide real time betting odds. Genius Sports is affiliated with Next Gen and this means Hard Rock will gain from stats published on this game developer’s platform. 

It is also worth mentioning that Hard Rock stands to benefit a great deal from data driven in play gaming content created by some of the industry’s major sports leagues. Bettors registered on the Hard Rock platform will be able to tap into the offers given for the English Premier League, Liga MX, Colombian Soccer league, NBA and MLB. 


New partnership focused on improving fan engagement

According to the CEO of Genius Sports, Mark Locke, the partnership that his company has just forged with Hard Rock is going to be of direct benefit to their customers. His enthusiasm is proof that the customer stands to gain a lot when industry players get together for a common goal. Current and future customers of the two parties stand to benefit from an enhanced interactive live betting experience that is powered by official industry data. 

Locke is cognizant of the fact that the future of these two companies is bound to be greater now that they are operating from the same side of the playing field. He anticipates an increase in customer activity from existing accounts as well as a boost in the number of new profiles being created on the online gaming platform. For the partners of Genius Sports, this partnership is an opportunity to define the company’s unique value proposition – so far found to transform customer experiences in the vast media, sports and betting landscape. 

The projections in the number of customers expected to be served as a result of this partnership is expected to run past millions. Customers can definitely look forward to engaging experience with Hard Rock Digital as the provider gears up to provide high quality official data. 

Making comments on the alliance that has just been formed, the CEO and executive managing director of Hard Rock Digital, Marlon Goldstein, was quite excited. He revealed that his team was over the moon for teaming up with Genius Sports. In his opinion, the operations of Genius align really well to the vision of his company and that is why they consider them a great match for mutual business progress. 

Goldstein is quite optimistic of the future and expresses hope that the two companies will work hand in hand to realize joint as well as individual goals. Just recently, Genius embarked on an expansion spree which touched on existing deals with Entain and BetMGM. 

As a result, the developer has decided to offer new NFL data to its two existing partners. This will be supported by provision of customer engagement solutions that will help first time players to find the platform easy to navigate. Expanding the partnership at this point in time marks a decade since Entain and Genius got together for joint business benefits. 

Even before that took place, Genius had moved to bring on board another industry partner to its portfolio. The partner of focus in this regard was Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG) and the inking took place in September. This partnership granted business access to GNOG on live data from Genius Sports as well as live trading solutions. These products are what are responsible for unique pricing options and official data that get collected from thousands of events on a continuous basis. 


Final Thoughts

The digital gaming space is rather sensitive to navigate and this is in view of responsible gambling. It is easy for someone to fall into the pit of problem gambling because they are constantly operating in an environment of secrecy. It is important to therefore keep tabs of one’s own development so that it is easy to identify when patterns and preferences change for the worst. 

For Genius Sports and other casino content developers, the secret to staying relevant is to partner with those who directly tap into the mind of the customer. Even though various entities monitor demand trends at the consumer level, technology-forward brands should have channels of communicating with developers so as to facilitate supply.

Author: Wanda Peters