Lara Eisenberg wins 2021 World Series of Poker Ladies NLHE Championship

The Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship is finally over having lasted for a period of four days. After a marathon of 87 hands as witnessed on the final day of the event, event #22 of the WSOP 2021 is down to its conclusion. The total number of players that registered for the events totaled 644; no wonder the prize pool added up to an impressive $573,160. 

After the excitement of the event wore down, it emerged that the first prize of the event had been bagged by Lara Eisenberg. This is the first time that Eisenberg has won a gold bracelet from any WSOP tournament so it is a big deal for this lady poker professional. For topping the winners list in this event, Lara will be taking home a cash prize of $115,694 which she earned from defeating Debora Brooke in the final round. 

Although she just managed to win her first ever WSOP gold bracelet, Lara is not a newbie when it comes to poker championships. The female poker legend already has 1 WSOP ring and 16 WSOP chases under her belt. Getting an opportunity to win gold this time is no mean achievement that not only lines her wallet generously but also ranks her in the poker circles

Eisenberg was unable to hide her joy when she spoke about her victory at the 2021 WSOP championship. For her, this is an achievement she had dreamt about for a long time and now that it had come to pass, she is over the moon with delight. She is not shy about speaking of the many times that she has replayed such a victory in her mind; now that it is here, she is lost for words. 

When Lara signed up for the event, her goal was to at least make it to the final round thinking that she would get satisfaction from sitting among the poker big wigs in attendance. As it turned out, she is a great force herself and walking away from the table with top accolades makes her extremely proud. She describes the overall mood of the event as amazing because she managed to enjoy the process. 

There was a jovial mood around the table as the various rounds were played so most players were able to maintain a relaxed mode. This does not mean that there were no real competitors; it was fabulous that even the tough players found a supportive team that made playing poker less stressful. 


The wins table

The second place of the Ladies NLHE Championship 2021 WSOP final table was won by Debora Brooke whose performance earned her $71,507. This was followed by a $50,525 win by Mikiyo Aoki who managed to finish in the third position. Diana Cooley at number four closed the 30k mark with a win of $36,269. 

The first 4 positions on the winners chart were clinched by all American poker superstars. As a matter of fact, the only two positions awards that went to non-American players was number 5 that was taken by JJ Liu of Taiwan who bagged $26,458 and number 10 which was won by a Canadian, Thi Nguyen, who managed to walk away with a cash prize of $7,023. 


The surprises of the final tournament day

There was a guaranteed cash prize for the five poker players who went back for the final table streamed live on PokerGO. While they were each sure of at least $26,458 in wins, all of them were eager to go home with a WSOP gold bracelet which would be the first for either one of them. The first casualty of the event was Hall of Famer for women’s poker, who managed fifth position. 

The axe then fell on Diane Cooley who was the second of the five players on the spotlight to be shoved out of the final round; this landed her in the fourth position on the table. Even Mikiyo Aoki, the 2014 WSOP Ladies Championship runner-up left fans holding their breath considering that she came to the final round as the chip leader but could not hold up the lead position. 

The tables literally turned in Lara’s favor when Mikiyo lost a game-changing flip to her. She was unable to defend her 2014 performance which earned her second place victory and first time win of a WSOP bracelet; she had no choice but to settle for third place finish. 

By the time the New Jersey poker action was down to the last two contenders, all eyes were on Lara Eisenberg and Debora Brooke. By this time, the two ladies were already too happy to have made it to the last round. 


Lara Eisenberg has something to tell women poker players

When asked to comment on the state of women poker, Lara was optimistic that the numbers were going up. There is still a lot of awareness that obviously needs to be carried out on the ground because a lot of people are still misinformed on the potential that woman have when it comes to poker. There is absolutely no reason why a woman should shy away from playing poker regardless of their race, creed or background. 

In the past, poker was considered a male game which they engaged in to waste time or kill boredom. The wider population is however ignorant of the fact that poker is a subject and an organized game like football or soccer. It is extremely fun to learn and the satisfaction is in the constant improvement and growth that takes place with the adoption of new strategies. 

For now, Lara has planned to celebrate her win with a bit of drinking and partying but she is off on the road again for the main event of WSOP 2021 which will be taking place in Las Vegas. Well, the woman poker enthusiast is proud of her but will be watching closing for the outcome of the final event.

Author: Wanda Peters