PartyPoker US Network Online Series Returns to NJ Oct. 17-24 With $175K in Guarantees

Poker players have 8 days of poker action laid out for them before the end of the month of October. Slotted for the third week of the month, the PartyPoker US Network will be hosting poker players on its partner sites in New Jersey. There will be a total of nine events in the entire series that will pay out winners a guaranteed prize of at least $175,000. 

The PartyPoker network has a history of enticing poker players from various bankrolls to take part in the action and this time is no different. The buy-in to the nine events is spread over an accommodative range of $20 to $535. In the state of New Jersey, players can play from BetMGM poker studios, Borgata Poker or PartyPoker NJ

There are many reasons why a player would prefer one skin over the other and players will appreciate that there are three to choose from. Eight days is quite a short time to dedicate to poker in a year but that does not mean you cannot buy into only those events that excite you. The mini event costs the least to register – $20. The highest paying event in the entire tournament costs $535 and players get a chance to contest for a guaranteed prize of $50,000.

Apart from the cost of the $535 event, it stands out for employing the format of the progressive knockout bounty. Those who have played PKO events before know that half of the money won I a tournament is channeled to bounties. Eight out of the nine remaining events are no-limit hold’em while the remaining one is pot-limit Omaha.

Looking at the schedule that has been drawn for the PartyPoker US Network Online Series, one gets the impression that it was developed with the average poker player in mind. This is a poker enthusiast who has a regular job, is probably a student and therefore is only available for a tournament that takes place after regular office hours. 


Pre-registration causes prize pools to surpass guarantees 

The poker craze in New Jersey explains why players converge to any physical or online entity where poker action is taking place. Although it is going to be a few more days before the PartyPoker US Network Online Series events begin, there is every indication that the players are ready and eager to play. Pre-registration is going to be a great asset for casino businesses operating in NJ; the numbers show that there is a massive level of interest in events scheduled for the first two days (Sunday & Monday). 

For the Sunday event, players will need to part with a buy-in valued at $215 for a chance to contest for a $40,000 guaranteed cash prize. The numbers of players who have pre-registered for the event have already pushed the guarantee past the $45,000 mark. The Monday event which calls for a buy-in of $109 has a guaranteed prize of $10,000; this too has been exceeded based on the pre-registered players. 

One of the events that have been lined up to be played on the last day of the series is the $20 buy-in “Mini” event whose winner will take home a guaranteed $5,000. Even before the actual tournament kicks off, over 100 poker players have signed up for the action. 

The interest in the low buy-in event does not come as a shock because the same trend has been observed in Pennsylvania and Michigan series. The partypoker US Network Online Series in Pennsylvania and the BetMGM Online Series in Michigan have on numerous occasions included the $20 event in their schedule for its ability to raise quick money. In the past, this event has attracted participants in large numbers who have in turn exceeded prize pools of more than $40,000.


The New Jersey is split between PartyPoker, WSOP and PokerStars

Even though the stage has already been set for the PartyPoker US network online series which is set to start in a few days, this is not the only poker event that the players of New Jersey need to be looking forward to. Around the same time that the PartyPoker series will be taking place, PokerStars and WSOP will be holding their own tournaments on designated online betting platforms

There appears to be quite a lineup of activities scheduled to take place in the state of New Jersey, it is worth travelling to participate. If you are a resident of Las Vegas, you might just need to sit back and wait for the action to come to you. This year, the gambling enthusiasts of Nevada will be treated to high stakes play at the World Series of Poker. 

As the poker players of Nevada marvel at the opportunity to try out online betting, those on the other side of US, NJ, can go ahead and sign up for a slot at the WSOP NJ. The New Jersey chapter will be battling out for an opportunity to bag a golden bracelet without the inconvenience of leaving their homes. 

For a period of 7 weeks between October 3 and November 21, the WSOP will be busy running events all over the country. By the time the tournament closes on the final day, a total of 10 WSOP bracelets will have been won online. Whether you are in Nevada or New Jersey, take part in the WSOP if you love poker. 



As the WSOP action is being organized, PokerStars NJ have been organizing a two-day New Jersey classic event that poker professionals can buy into with $300. Stick up your game to the end of the final whistle and the guaranteed prize of $100,000 could be yours. If you feel up to the task, perhaps you could try your luck on both events depending on the schedule that each has set out for its players.

Author: Wanda Peters