PokerStars NJ Players Win $655K During First 10 Days of NJCOOP, $100K Gtd. Main Event Sunday

PokerStars fans in New Jersey have something to look forward to as the current year version of NJCOOP takes place. The event has already started and players who were keen on joining the championship from the start have just crossed its halfway mark. With a total of $655,000 already won by players taking part in the championship, the action has only just begun. The seasoned players in the event are particularly awaiting the main event which they will join with a buy-in of $300 to contest for a guaranteed cash award of $100,000. 

The entire tournament schedule comprises 60 games and so far 35 events have been concluded. These are the games that have cumulatively made up the 5,800 entries that have been reported for this segment of the tournament. These are the numbers that have led to the already paid out prize pool. 

The guarantee for the events that have already taken place adds up to $591,500 so it is obvious that the organizers might surpass their budget by a margin. If the entire series’ budget was utilized as planned, the payouts would be a little over $1 million. Some events of the championship have already recorded overlays and this is an indication of the excitement with which the event had been anticipated.

The trend is promising that the guaranteed prize will be in the vicinity of $1.1 million. If we compare this to the 2020 version of the NJCOOP, the margins are minimal since that event paid out about $1.12 million in cash awards. 

The occurrence of overlays is quite encouraging because slightly over 30%of the events in the tournaments have experienced it. This is from the total number of 12 events of various types that have been lined up for the entire tournament. These events had turnouts which pushed the PokerStars team in New Jersey to make up for the difference so as to honor the guarantees. 

The total overlay amount has been reported to be $26,000; one of these events had the top amount of $7,500 happening in an event where the cash guaranteed was $25,000. Although the players are still speculating on what happened to event number 32, the fact that it no longer appears on the lineup could be an indication that it was cancelled. The event was a no-limit hold’em/pot-limit Omaha for a buy in of $100. 

In the meantime, there is cause for celebration especially for the poker players who already have the 3 trophies in their possession. One of the winners, “monkeyman067” who was the first to bag the trophy won the series Big Kickoff event. The next winner to clinch a trophy from the NJCOOP Championship was “kyleorto86”won the Super Tuesday for this recognition. 

The third trophy from the already won ones was bagged by a New Jersey based PokerStars star known as “Stonniepokes” who demonstrated his prowess in a $1,000 High Roller event. There are still 4 additional trophies that the organizers will be giving out this season because the current NJCOOP series comprises 7 trophy events. 

The action for the upcoming events is expected to be thrilling as players do their best to be featured among these coveted seven. It is not going to be a loss for those who will not have trophies by the end of the tournament since players still have numerous prizes to contest for. 


New Jersey needs to step up to keep up with PA and MI

If you are an avid poker player but cannot be in New Jersey for the NJCOOP, you better be in Pennsylvania or Michigan because there will be a similar adventure taking place in those two venues. As a matter of fact, the organizers will be preparing the stage in all three PokerStars destinations in the US. There is no way to catch the action in more than one state because the same time slot will apply in all three states. 

Up until this point, there has been impressive turnout in the MI and PA platforms versus New Jersey. The leader of the party is PA and this is courtesy of the $1.27 million that has been awarded to winners so far. The more than 15,000 entries that made it to the PA platform were spread out across the 41 PACOOP events on the schedule. 

The MI PokerStars COOP has also reported a massive turnout in the number of people registering to take part in the tournament. So far, 40 MICOOP events have been held and this has cumulatively accounted for the 11,000 entries so far. The Michigan poker community has up until this point bagged $1 million in prizes. 

Although industry analysts might have diverse views to explain the differing prize pool guarantees, the simple explanation is that PokerStars had different expectations for the 3 states. PA received the greatest budget allocation of $2 million while MI had guarantees adding up to $1.5 million. 


NJCOOP to run for 2 days 

As it has already been announced, the highlight of the NJCOOP is a two day main event with a guaranteed prize of $100,000. Players will part with $300 as buy-in to the main event but it can be less for those who approach the event from a satellite angle. The platform definitely has other cheaper ways for players to earn a ticket to the main event if only interested parties explored more. 

On the day of the New Jersey main event, there will be a NJCOOP Depositor Freeroll taking place early on before kickoff. To gain entry to the freeroll, a registered PokerStars NJ player is required to make a deposit of at least $30 using the “NJCOOP” promo code. Players who finish in any position above 50 will receive a free pass into the main event. This promotion translates into $15,000 worth of tickets for the Main Event to give out in this single event. 



Experience poker players probably know where to look when it comes to winning free tickets to a main event. It definitely appears that PokerStars will be awarding quite a huge number of free entry tickets to the main event for its loyal customers. Did you know that if a player busts from a NJCOOP event having not cashed automatically wins a free pass to the next day’s freeroll?

Author: Wanda Peters