Rush Street Interactive Partners With the American Gaming Associations Have a Game Plan.® Bet Responsibly.™ Campaign

Rush Street Interactive is now a partner of the American Gaming Association’s public service campaign known as Have A Game Plan Bet Responsibly. This public campaign was created by the AGA to educate sports betting fans about the primary principles of betting responsibly. Among other things, the campaign has been teaching punters and future punters how to set budgets and stick to them, as well as some technical aspects of the game including how to understand odds.

As a result of this partnership, Rush Street will now incorporate the campaign’s content into its marketing, as well as its overall responsible gaming strategy. As part of the campaign, RSI will also train employees on responsible gambling practices. As more and more states continue to legalize sports betting, responsible betting campaigns such as this will continue to gain more importance in society.

This partnership is important for both parties. AGA will benefit from the exposure it will receive while Rush Street will get the opportunity to expand its player protection agenda even further. Indeed, responsible gaming has always been at the core of the gambling giant’s business. Over the years, Rush Street has been working behind the scenes to prioritize player protections, especially to vulnerable problem gamblers.

With this partnership, RSI will continue to create innovative and user-friendly tools and resources aimed at helping their customers wager responsibly while still making sure that customers are enjoying the best customer experience possible.  Rush Street already has great tools such as the RushPay feature, which allows its customers to make fast and non-cancellable withdrawals and refund requests.

Now that sports betting has become the norm, the success of the sports betting industry will depend heavily on gambler education. Education programs such as these have become pertinent in educating the public on the dangers of betting and betting addiction, as well as the various methods that can be used for prevention and treatment. Even though much has been done- it is still not enough as problem gambling in many parts of the world is typically treated as a public health issue.

In instances of irresponsible gambling, it’s not only the individual that becomes severely affected but their entire family as well. Thankfully, most sports betting operators agree that change is needed, which is why such partnerships between the AGA and sports betting operators are important.

In 2021, at least 50% of adults participated in at least 1 betting activity in the pandemic year. Even though the prevalence of problem gambling among the American adult population is still relatively low, steps must be taken to keep things that way. Gambling is a serious addiction, even though society doesn’t always treat it as such. 

As growth continues in the US sports betting market, the Have A Game Plan campaign will likely keep making such collaborations. It already has similar partnerships with other big stakeholders in the sports betting market including Monumental Sports and Entertainment, the PGA TOUR, NASCAR, the New York Jets, SeventySix Capital, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Football Team, Sinclair Broadcast Group, NHL, and many more.


Responsible Gaming Education week recently concluded

Responsible Gaming Education Week was recently concluded to educate gamblers and the general public on the importance of maintaining responsible gambling practices. In the US, the gambling industry has become a billion-dollar industry. Despite the relatively low number of problem gambling cases, the industry still needs to do more to make sure that gamblers have a healthy and enjoyable betting experience.

With gambling becoming a popular pastime, maintaining a well-regulated ecosystem that educates customers on responsible wagering has become vital for the long-term sustainability of the burgeoning industry. This year’s Responsible Gaming Education Week was held between September 19th and -25th and could not be held at a better time with the NFL season currently in full swing.

For the first time in years, a record number of Americans will be able to place legal bets for the first time in their states. This has presented the gambling industry with a massive opportunity for growth and revenue generation. However, this level of growth also calls for the need for improved responsible gambling programs. The industry now needs to work together to advance in a shared commitment to enhance and strengthen responsible play. 

All industry stakeholders, leagues, and operators need to take responsible gambling more seriously and put the safety of the modern gambler at the heart of everything. In this regard, industry policies, processes, as well as programs must be implemented and a line must be drawn in the sand to make meaningful investments in enhancing player protections.

This will require an investment in not just resources, but also technology as it is the only way to create innovative solutions that give gamblers more choice and control. There is also a need for complete transparency. Thankfully, several leading public and private sector parties across the industry have proven their commitment to advancing this mission.


Final Thoughts

There has never been a better time to be a gambler in the US. These days, punters have more variety than they know to do with- and the industry is not showing any signs of slowing down growth. In this light, responsible gaming measures have also become vital. 

Operators are already doing their best to protect players. For instance, many states now require operators to incorporate technology that supplies punters with an option for self-exclusion should they need it. Incorporating a self-exclusion procedure allows punters to get a better understanding of what they are signing up for. It is clear that responsible gaming education has become necessary in today’s gambling-charged environment. Education is the best way to promote responsible play. 

Gambling has emerged as a great pastime, especially for individuals in the pandemic. However, without proper measures, gambling can get out of control and place the lives of gamblers, as well as their families in great peril. Gambling education is the best way to prevent that from happening.

Author: Wanda Peters