Tell-Tale Signs of Cheating in Online Poker

People who gamble online often must be aware of the tell-tale signs of cheating in online poker. Other physical games like 3 Card Poker may be easier to detect cheating, as the casino has the house edge. Online poker, however, involves people playing against each other, meaning it is possible that another player could cheat you out of a lot of money. Avoid becoming a victim of cheating in online poker by staying aware of these tell-tale signs.


One of the most common forms of cheating in online poker is collusion. Collusion refers to an instance in which two or more players work together to share information about the cards in their hand. They can then coordinate future actions with the intention of winning big and cheating others out of their earnings.

If you realize that players in your online poker game are colluding, the smartest thing to do is to leave the game immediately.

Some of collusion in online poker may be players constantly having similar strategies or entering or leaving the game at the same time. Also take note of whether players take unusual likes in order to squeeze players. If you notice that people are colluding, report them to those in charge.


Ghosting is a problem that is less covered in online gambling but is nonetheless very serious. Ghosting refers to when a more experienced or senior player gives advice to someone in a tournament, or even plays the tournament in their place. Such a problem is challenging to deal with in tournaments. When playing poker tournaments online, the poker integrity team will try to monitor and reduce the chances of ghosting. Unfortunately, sometimes offenders can escape the poker integrity’s team watch by sitting together in the same room or calling someone professional on the phone.

If ghosting occurs in your online gambling space, the best thing to do is to pay close attention to players and observe carefully. Look to see if there are any changes in game strategy or behaviors that seem abnormal. Although it is important to not jump to conclusions, keep in mind that ghosting definitely exists in online poker.

Playing Against Bots

Playing poker online runs the risk of other people programming computers to make perfect decisions. They use mathematical calculation and advanced tools to possibly cheat others out of their deserved winnings. It may be difficult to spot whether you are actually playing against a bot, as people modify the time bots take to make their move, making them seem like real people. Some signs to look out for are whether your opponent is playing for an unrealistic time period without taking any breaks, or if their poker strategy is perfect even at low stakes.

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Author: Wanda Peters