Triple Cherry Adds 888casino to Its Growing Portfolio of Operator Partners via New Video Slots Deal

The deal that was recently made to acquire a chunk of the Italian market is still hot yet there is no indication that Triple Cherry is slowing down to catch its breath. The video slots provider that operates out of its base in Spain has recently made an announcement revealing that they will now be working with 888casino. Such is the diversity of the gambling industry that a London based online betting company can collaborate with Spanish based title providers for the thrill of its customers. 

The Spanish provider also considers this to be a major achievement since its titles will be featured on a popular digital gaming platform. This means that players around the world, in destinations that are authorized for the 888casino, players will have an option to choose titles from Triple Cherry because they will be listed in the same database as others. 

Some of the features that will attract players to choose Triple Cherry video slots are captivating sounds, eye-catching graphics, top of the range promotional tools and an overall enriched gaming experience. The first encounter with these titles will dictate how players respond to the tiles when they come across them in another instance. 

Some of the titles that will be added to the 888casino platform are already popular so the casino will not need to popularize them. For players who have played Thunder Rock from Valencian studios, they will appreciate the fact that the music inspired title is now at a casino that values them. Monsters Fear Bullets is going to appeal to those who love horror films while Mega Chef will be one of those that players have to play to deduce their own personal brain map of the experience it offers. 


Building on an already existing portfolio

Speaking after the two companies had committed to working together, the Vice President B2C Casino for 888, Talya Benyamini, expressed excitement that the partnership was going to strengthen their brand. The management of 888casino is happy to have a diverse collection of slots which customers can play when they wish to take a break from sports betting or as a way of killing boredom on the internet. 

Triple Cherry is helping 888casino to deliver on their commitment to offer variety on the betting platform. The new slots that they are adding to their portfolio are going to attract customers to the platform especially those that are looking for online entertainment in gambling. As they nurture this relationship into the future, 888casino is optimistic that this partnership is going to bring mutual benefit for both parties.

On behalf of another slots provider, the Chief Executive Officer of Triple Cherry, Juan Antonio, appreciated the management of 888casino for the partnership opportunity. Speaking through the official company news release, Antonio expressed his thrill that the company was getting into a business growth arrangement with a global leader in the igaming and sports betting arena. By being in a position where they are tasked with entertaining 888casino with new titles regularly, the developer will be pushed to growth as expansion momentum heightens. 


The Italian market move

Everyone at 888casino and Triple Cherry is talking about the deal that has just been signed but that is not the only spectacular move that Triple Cherry has made in the recent past. A few weeks ago, the gaming provider signed a deal with a software house based in Rome. 

As per the terms of the agreement, Triple Cherry will develop new titles which they will then introduce to the Italian market through the software house. It is a lucrative deal for both parties because both have an opportunity to grow through the efforts of each other. Triple Cherry will have its titles played in the Italian gambling space even without express approval as an operator in the market while Octavian Lab will grow from an upcoming development stable to a renowned brand in no time. 

Having been in business from 2019, Octavian Lab’s presence in the market has been facilitated by an experienced team of tech developers who are responsible for developing protocols, products as well as integrated gaming software solutions. Although its roots are in the Italian market, the effects of the work done at Octavian Lab are being felt at the international market in regulated jurisdictions. 

The Chief Executive Officer at Octavian Lab srl, Emanuele Nocentelli, had such positive remarks for the Triple Cherry team. He refers to the company as genuine in its offerings which is a crucial quality for gaming companies that are eager to survive in such a competitive market. At the moment, no other tech company measures up to the capabilities of Triple Cherry as has been witnessed in the Italian market. 

Now that the playing field is different, the only requirement to thrive in NJ is for the software to ensure compliance in all areas. By creating game titles that compliments the base offerings of a partner organization, Triple Cherry has managed to command a significant portion of the Italian gambling market. 

This is the same effect that the management hopes will happen in New Jersey and other regulated states. As the lead spokesperson of Octavian Lab srl, the CEO has revealed that the tech project is underway and the company is hopeful that it will go live within a few weeks. 



Running a profitable business takes a special combination of skills and character. The same applies to developing software or applications which are used to remotely run the world. For now, the task that is ahead of Triple Cherry is to create slot games for 888casino – this is what the company has specialized in so it is going to be a matter of how long to wait before the next release. There is a lot of potential to grow exponentially in this sector; at least before the market gets flooded with gaming engineers.

Author: Wanda Peters