Volatility in Online Slots – Complete Guide


While playing different slots games, you might have noticed that the payouts are not generated in the same ways. Some video slots have winning rounds very often but the prizes are fairly small, while other casino games can give players massive wins but these take place less often. This is what volatility refers to when spinning the reels. A high volatility slot means that the payouts are generally awarded in large lumps instead of in small increments.

The slot volatility also influences the level of risk that you are taking. A higher volatility slot can have long periods with insignificant wins that can be taxing to the available bankroll.

Types of Volatilities in Slots

With thousands of slots games to choose from, there are definitely plenty of options for all players to enjoy. When it comes to the level of volatility available, there are three main categories to consider before betting. You can learn more about them and how the games work right here:

High Volatility Slots

  • What are High Volatility Slots?

High volatility slots are often times the most exciting to play. These are the huge win slots with jackpots that all players dream of. However, they also come with the highest level of risk since the big payouts are hard to claim and so they require a large bankroll.

  • When to Play High Volatility Slots?
    • With a large real money balance made out of 500+ spins
    • On slots with large jackpots, especially progressives
    • Over a long session that can take up to several hours
    • At trusted online casinos that offer easy withdrawals
    • While having fun and enjoying the theme and features
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Medium Volatility Slots

  • What are Medium Volatility Slots?

Medium volatility slots are becoming more and more popular online because they offer a mix of features. The payouts here are still substantial and they are generated at a reasonable frequency. This way, players can enjoy the gameplay for longer while still getting the thrill of chasing a large jackpot.

  • When to Play Medium Volatility Slots?
    • With a decent real money bankroll of around 300+ spins
    • On games with many bonus features (free spins, bonus games)
    • At reputable online casinos with certified software developers
    • Throughout a fairly long period in order to claim the big prizes
    • In a responsible manner without betting more than you can afford
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Low Volatility Slots

  • What are Low Volatility Slots?

Low volatility slots are games with a lower level of risk. The payouts in these machines are awarded frequently and in small chunks, thus making sure that the player can continue spinning the reels without running out of funds too quickly. Although the jackpots aren’t massive, they can still be great.

  • The Best Way to Play Low Volatility Slots?
    • With a balance that has around 100 betting rounds
    • Using a larger bet per spin than in other types of slots
    • During short sessions, at home and on mobile devices
    • For real money at one of our recommended casinos
    • With games that have immersive and detailed themes
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The volatility of the game definitely impacts the mode in which the winnings are allocated when playing slots. If you want to chase those big jackpots and are willing to go for quite a while without winning much, high volatility slots can be the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you just want to play casually and in a more sustainable way, low volatility slots will provide you the environment to do so. It depends on how you want to play and on what expectations you have when spinning the reels. You can opt for large wins or for frequent payouts. It is all up to you!


In order to accurately determine the volatility of a slots game, you will need to play for a long time and keep track of the payouts. Our team of experts does this and then makes the information available in detailed slot reviews so that you can save time and make informed decisions from the start.

Some signs of the volatility of a slot can be found in the pay-table. High payout rates for symbol combinations is a classic mechanic for high volatility. More modern slots however use bonus features, like progressive jackpots and free spins with extra functions, to generate those rare but massive payouts.


The term variance is sometimes used when talking about slots and other casino games. However, you don’t have to worry that it is something different. Variance is basically the same thing as volatility. High volatility slots are also known as high variance slots because there is large discrepancy in the size and frequency of the payouts.


In conclusion, slot volatility is something to consider when picking a game to play. Make sure that the playing style required fits your bankroll so that you can benefit from the full mechanics and claim the corresponding payouts. Remember to have fun and enjoy your time while betting responsibly!


What is a high variance slot machine?

It is a slots game with large payouts that are awarded on rare occasions. It is also known as a high volatility slot machine and the player takes a bigger risk due to the fact that the winnings are awarded in an inconsistent manner.

Which are the best high volatility slots?

  • Progressive slots with large jackpots
  • Games with rewarding bonus features
  • Themed slots with thrilling gameplay
  • New creations from trusted developers
  • Slots with multiplied wins for free spins
  • Mobile slots that can be played at any time
  • Machines with very rewarding bonus games

How to measure the volatility of a slot machine?

You can figure out the volatility of a slot machine by simply playing it for a while. If the payouts are small and frequent, it is a game with a low volatility. However, if there are large prizes awarded on rare occasions, it is a high volatility slot machine.

What does medium volatility mean?

A slots machine with medium volatility has a mix of features that generates payouts of decent sizes at a reasonable frequency. The maximum prizes are not as big as in high volatility slots but they can be claimed more easily by the players.

Author: Wanda Peters